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doasyouplease's Journal

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1 MINUTE AGO: I was hearing my boss’ complaints...
1 HOUR AGO: I was reading Vyvyan Holland’s bio.
1 DAY AGO: I was wondering why things are so weird and almost unfair or bittersweet sometimes...
1 WEEK AGO: I was wondering how long before Im back home...
1 YEAR AGO: I was SO bored of life and depressed...

I HURT: Myself mostly and those I dont mean to...
I LOVE: Music, above all. And some ppl.
I HATE: I despise, but I don’t hate.
I FEAR: Boredom and depression.
I HOPE: Things will only get better.
I FEEL: Nostalgic...
I HIDE: Inside myself all the time.
I DRIVE: I'll take you anywhere you want to go...:)
I MISS: You, and you know it.
I NEED: Music, love and movement.

CURRENT CLOTHES: blue jeans, black shirt, black socks...
CURRENT TASTE: Grapefruit juice.
CURRENT HAIR: The everyday mess in my head, somehow kept away from my face.
CURRENT ANNOYANCE: Myself most of the time. Ppl in general. Ppl that can’t focus on the good things of life. Ppl that is always talking about what they want to do, and never get anything done.
CURRENT SMELL: Baby cologne.
CURRENT THING I SHOULD BE DOING: Either working or my French homework...or sleepping, actually...